Best organic baby food brands

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The decision to become a parent is not a light one.  When you see your children happy and healthy, it is a better achievement than any job can give you. And that is why parents will invest in the best for their children.   It is the reason why many parents are now turning to organic foods instead of using conventional ones.

· What Are Organic Baby Foods?

Organic food is produced using natural renewable resources.  You will, therefore, find that the farmers do not use pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, or any bioengineering. The US Department of Agriculture makes sure that the farmers meet astringent requirements before they can certify that the food is organic. Any company that handles or processes these foods must also get the relevant certification.

Organic foods have very many benefits, especially for children and pregnant women.  Your baby’s immune system is not yet quite fully developed and is, therefore, susceptible to many health complications.  There are no chemicals inorganic food, and so whatever your baby consumes is safe. The meals do not have artificial sweeteners; additives, or hydrogenated fats, making them a very healthy option.

· Organic Baby Food Brands

We will share a list of organic baby food brands that you should consider for your little ones. You will find them in the supermarkets, or you can use online platforms to shop for them.

Gerber Organics

Gerber organic has done a fantastic job in ensuring that you can easily access the product.  You will find them readily available in department stores, groceries, discount stores, among others. They have a fantastic range of foods for weaning.  You also get other types of food that the whole family can enjoy including crunchy snack bags, fruit juices, and freeze-dried yogurt bites.   The food’s come in three stages, and you will find them in jars or pouches.

  1. Stage 1 has a broad range of simple foods for your baby.  you can get mango, apples, bananas, carrots among others
  2. Stage 2 will give you a blend of vegetables, fruits, and greens
  3. The older babies and toddlers will like stage 3 because they get to enjoy different textures and types of food.

Ella’s Kitchen Organic

Ella’s Kitchen has food pouches that come in three stages.  The family can also enjoy the snacks, and the toddlers will love the fruit smoothie pouch.

  1. Stage 1 has single fruit purees. Some of these include banana, apple, mango and pears
  2. Stage 2 has fruit, cereals, vegetable blends, protein-filled foods, and combo dinners

Earth’s Best

You will find a lot of versatility with Earth’s best organic baby foods.  You get a broad range of foods such as rice, whole grain cereals, multi-grain mixes, and oatmeal, among others.  You will be happy to know that they have organic baby products and diapers.  The foods come in three stages for the different age brackets.

  1. Stage one has easy to digest foods such as peas, pears, bananas, and sweet potatoes
  2. Stage 2 has blends and  chunkier foods for a little texture
  3. Stage three is suitable for toddlers and older babies and will come in more substantial portions. You also get a wider variety of flavors, and so you can present food such as spaghetti and cheese to your little ones.

Plum Organics

Plum Organics has three stages which will make it easy for you to pick the one that is appropriate for your child’s age.  It also has ten different flavors, thereby giving you more variety that you can present to the little one.

  • Stage one has foods such as butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peach. You will also get mango and mint, or peach with prunes. Such foods are easy to digest and are excellent for even that child who is just starting to wean.
  • Stage 2 has different plans that come in unique combinations. you have the option of a red and white blend among others
  • Stage 3 is for toddlers and will help you transition the little one into the regular family foods. It has proteins and spices, thereby adding a more exciting element to the taste.

Plum Organics also has other products in its portfolio, including crunchy puff snacks, baby formula, and teething biscuits.

Pure Spoon

Pure Spoon makes its organic baby foods from fresh food. They pasteurize and cold press the vegetables and fruits without using high heat or chemicals.  The packaging is also fantastic because it is transparent, so you get to know what type of food your baby is getting.  They have two stages; the first has simple foods like pears and carrots.  Stage 2 has more variety in taste and blends. You will find foods such as broccoli, apples, pears, and bananas, among others.  They also go a step farther by making deliveries right to your doorstep. That would be a great relief for anyone because you do not have to run to the stores when your baby’ food supply gets low.

Sprout Organics

Sprout Organics has the distinction of being the first company to put baby food into pouches.  The pouches cater for toddlers as well as the older kids. They also have different stages for the meals, and these are;-

  • Stage 1 is for purees, and some of the foods you find in this category are mango,  prunes and sweet potatoes
  • Stage 2 will give you a broader variety in the flavors. You also get two different blends for fruits, yogurt and grains
  • Stage 3 comes as a full meal pouch and has chunky foods that are suitable for even the older kids

Sprout organic has snacks like puffs, crunchy crinkles, curlz, among others.


We have shared with you seven brands of organic baby foods you may want to consider for your little one. The ones we have highlighted above are easy to find as you find them in most of the supermarket or groceries.  You also get to buy the one that suits your budget, and the taste buds of your baby.

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