Reasons to Expand your Business Marketplaces in 🇺🇸 🇬🇧

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So you are in business and want to increase your sales right? Cool, the most immediate advice I will give you is, “go to where consumers are.” The UK has several websites where you can open shop in your bid to expand your business marketplaces. And as you mull over where to start, it is important first to consider how busy a particular marketplace is before making your investment. Let us pick out a few sites that have a reputation of higher traffic, at least going by Alexa ranking.

Globally, is ranked at 84 while locally it is shining at an impressive 5th position. About 60% of  traffic flows in from within the country while over 35% is shared among Japan, China, the US, and Ireland.

Currently, is ranked eight locally, but on the global front, places it at position 150. generates about 70% of its traffic from the within Germany, China, France, and the US bringing in approximately 16%. Did you know that eBay drives in more traffic than Yahoo in the UK? currently puts at position 47 locally and 1616 internationally. This is a slight dip as compared to some previous rankings, but it is still safe for you to invest there. pulls in an impressive 82% of traffic from the UK, while approximately 6% trickles in from the US, Ireland, Australia and France.


Etsy now ranks 88 in the UK. According to Alexa, about 60% of  Etsy’s traffic draws from the US. So if your target market is in the US, then this is the marketplace to expand your Business. Other sources of traffic are as follows

  • The UK brings in about 6.5%
  • Canada about  4 %
  • France plus or minus 3.5%
  • Germany is at approximately 3%

Etsy’s traffic has been doing well, and so it is a marketplace you want to think about. gets about 80% of its traffic from the UK. The US brings in about 6.5% while India, Ireland and Canada combined account for about 5%. They specialize in christening gifts, Father’s Day gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and many more. Interestingly Notonthehighstreet fluctuates a lot in terms of their traffic, but it remains a credible marketplace to display your wares. who considers themselves as the “British Marketplace” pulls in about 85% of their traffic from the UK. Interestingly the Netherlands brings in a handsome 14% traffic showing just how popular they are in this country. So if you target the Netherlands market then here is a platform to consider. These guys deal in a wide range of products including,

  • Cars & Automotive
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Collectables & Memorabilia
  • Electronics & Technology and many more


About 55% of traffic to this marketplace comes from the UK, with about 17% coming trickling in from the US and Russia. Yumbles is a curated marketplace that connects food lovers with the best local producers or makers. Food makers are discreetly handpicked based the originality of their produce.


Any ambitious business person will want to set up shop and display their wares at a marketplace with a good and constant flow of traffic. The above statistics should now guide you to settle on a marketplace with the most promising return on investment


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