How To Set Up An Organic Food Store Franchise: What Comes After the Contract Review

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You have identified a franchise that you would want to work with to set up your Organic Food Store.  You are through with the market research and have good knowledge with regard to the Organic Food sector.   You have also been in contact with the franchise holders, and have visited them.   Luckily they have agreed to work with you, and have given you the contract for your review.  You have made the wise choice of getting a lawyer to help you go through the agreement to ensure everything is in your favor. So what comes next?

· Funding For Your Franchise

Setting up an organic food store requires investment in time and capital.  You may have the time, but do you have the money? Like setting up any other business, you may want to do it from your personal savings.  You could also borrow from your family and friends and pay them back in good time.  The other option is to take a business loan.

You may also find a franchise holder who is willing to give you a loan to start your business.  It may be something worth considering because they have lenders who can give you favorable terms.  Going through them will also ensure that you get access to the money faster. You should note that most franchise holders expect you to pay upfront.  Explore the options available to you, and only take the one that will not end up being too costly, due to high-interest rates.

When you are starting a business, you do not want loans crippling your finances. Once you have the funds locked down, and you agree with the terms of the contract, you can sign it and send it back to them.

· Pick Your Location

You will need to choose a suitable location for your business. Depending on the franchise you are working with, some will give you recommendations that will help you find an ideal location.  It would be good to consider what they say because they have the expertise and resources to do a proper market analysis.

The other thing is to consider whether they have a restriction on where you can set up your organic food store. This is something which you should have taken note of in the contract. Some of them have very strict requirements, especially about territories, minimum square footage, among others.

Also pay attention to factors such as foot traffic, accessibility, parking, security, among others.  Consider whether buying or leasing is the better option for you. Of course, it will depend on whether you have sufficient financing. It would be better to lease in the initial stages because you spend less money.  Secondly, if the location does not work well, you always have the option of terminating the lease and looking for a better place.

· Get an Online Presence

You will need an online presence for your organic food store. Many people are shopping online, and you cannot afford not to have a presence there.  You will find online tools that will help you with building a website. You will need one for your e-commerce platform.

Make sure your online store is attractive, easy to use, allows for quick check out among others. Also, consider whether you’re going to do shipping so that you provide more convenience for customers. Optimize your website for SEO, so that you make it easy for the search engines to find you.  You should also make your e-commerce platform accessible on mobile phones. Research shows that more than 50% of customers will do their online shopping from their mobile phones.

· Training

Many franchises will offer training programs which you must take advantage of.  You need to familiarize yourself with the organic foods they are selling. You will also need tips on marketing. They will also teach you how to work with the suppliers, including negotiating favorable pricing.

The franchise holders will also run you through the operational aspects such as staffing, bookkeeping, getting the relevant permits, doing reports among others.  You may need to set aside one or two weeks, depending on the training program.

· You Are Ready To Launch

You have done everything you need to prepare for the launch of your organic food store franchise. You have the right team, sufficient stocks, and inventory management tools in place, among others.

Your grand opening is important because you need to generate interest and build awareness of your business. You must have a solid marketing plan which will incorporate both online and offline strategies. If you have some money, you can invest in analog advertising for print and TV.  Give offers like discounts, giveaways, freebies, among others. You should become the go-to place for organic foods, and having the right franchise partner is essential. They will offer their support which you will mainly need in the initial operating days.

You should also incorporate some elements of public relations. Send out press releases to the media on the launch of the franchise.  You can also target specific press and give them a chance to sample the organic foods you have in your store.  You are likely to get more positive media coverage if they have had an opportunity to interact with what you have.  If you have the budget, get an influencer to point a few customers in your direction.


A franchise for your organic food store is an excellent way to start a business.   The right franchise holder should have a solid market reputation which will help you when you start operating.  Research, read the documents carefully, get a good location, maximize the use of the e-commerce platforms so that you can get customers.

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