Organic Food Business Ideas

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Reports show that the organic food industry is currently experiencing very fast growth in the United States. The demand for organic foods has been on the increase since the 1990s. Regular and organic stores have recorded high-profit margins by targeting those who are making the shift to organic foods. However, one big issue is that the supply is not able to keep up with the demand.  The process of producing organic foods is tedious, time-consuming, and may, in the long run, be a bit expensive.    However, the sector has a lot of business potential, and we will share with you some fantastic ideas to kick-start you in this profitable niche.

· Start Organic Farming

Organic farming requires that you use safe, healthy methods to grow your produce.  The farmer uses sustainable techniques which take into account the environmental and health issues.  You are not allowed to use chemicals of any kind, including pesticides; herbicides are fungicides.  Synthetic fertilizers, petroleum-based fertilizers and sewage sludge fertilizer are also out.  You can also not use Bioengineered genes, antibiotics, among others.

To maintain your soil fertility, you can only use natural fertilizers. You will, therefore, need a good source for manure or compost.  To guard against crop diseases or pests, you can practice crop rotation, biological methods of pest control among others. One thing for sure is that you will not miss a market for your crops.  Demand is high, and you can be sure that the local stores will be running to your farm to make their orders well in advance.

· Think About Organic Dairy Farming

With organic dairy farming, you use natural methods to get your cheese, cream, yogurt, and other dairy products.  That means you cannot use any chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, and synthetic fertilizers, among others.  The practices are very much the same as you would if you were doing organic farming.   Your livestock can only feed on organically certified foods.  You can also not enclose them all the time and will need to let them out to pasture.

· Organic Livestock Farming

Organic livestock farming is another excellent business Avenue.  Keeping livestock for meat is a sure way of making money. People want healthy alternatives to what is available, and that is what you will be providing. Depending on how much money you have set aside for the venture, you can become the local supplier of beef, mutton, and pork, among others.

Another business angle is to keep chicken for eggs.  Sell them directly from your farm or partner with the grocery stores so that you become their supplier. You can also venture into organic fish farming.  Make sure you take a look at the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines on organic fish farming. Another good idea you can try is combining fish farming and the growing of plants that do not require soil.  Aquaponic gardening is a revolutionary system that allows you to grow plants using fish waste as organic fertilizer. It is especially ideal for those who deal with seafood.

· Start an Organic Farm-To-Fork Restaurant

The health-conscious consumer wants to know that what they are eating is truly organic. If you have space on your farm, you can set up a small restaurant that serves fresh produce straight from the farm onto the table.  You can even organize for farm tours where your customers can get to see what goes on in the food production process.  It may surprise you that people will have no problem paying a bit more to eat fresh organic food. The best part about it is that any waste you produce in your kitchen goes back to the farm as manure. Now that is what sustainable business is all about.

· Open an Organic Grocery Store

There is a major demand for organic food, and the existing stores are not able to cater to the demand. Opening a grocery store is, therefore, a good idea.  You can sell on retail or a wholesale basis, but you need to make sure that you have a certified supplier.  Only then can you show your customers that what you are selling is genuine.

If you are also dabbling in organic livestock farming and crop production, you will never have to worry about looking for a supplier.  You can sell directly from your farm thus assuring your customers that what they are getting is fresh.

You can also stock products from those who produce organic products.  It is an excellent way of making extra money without having to go into the processing aspect. Ensure that wherever you get your products from adhere to the guidelines of the Organic sector.  Ensure that the products have the relevant certification from the oversight authorities.

· Focus On Niche Organic Products

Open a store that sells niche organic products.  You can, for example, sell organic baby food, or those products that are specifically for children, including formula and diapers.  Organic baby clothes are also becoming very popular.  Small children have very sensitive skin, and clothes made from natural products are very gentle on them.

Another niche area is to focus on organic beauty products.  You can stock up on cosmetics, shampoos, hair treatments, lotions, and facial products, among others.

You will also find success in areas such as coffee, tea, spices among others.


The Organic Food and product industry have a lot of potential for anyone who wants to start a business.   Like any other business venture, you must invest time and money into the process.  With the right mindset and a willingness to work, you are sure to make a killing.  There is a massive demand for organic products, and you just have to find the one that you can excel in.


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