Organic Food Business Ideas to Try

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If you have been thinking about getting into the organic food business, you are making the right decision.  There is a lot of potential because the sector is generating a lot of interest.  We will share with you some fantastic business ideas below.

· Organic Pet Products

Pets are an essential part of many homes, and they deserve the same level of care and attention as any other family member.   You can, therefore, become the go-to source for pet-friendly organic products.  You can, for example, focus on selling pet foods made out of fish, meat, and other dairy products.  You will find a lot of demand for such items.

You can also stock up on organic shampoos for the pets.

· Start an Organic Compost Business

Organic farming requires the use of non-synthetic fertilizer, and many farmers do not have the capacity to produce enough compost.  Getting into the compost business is a fantastic way to make some good money. You will, however, need to source for the relevant material, and so you need to get creative with where you look; target supermarkets and restaurants, among others, so that you can collect Organic waste.

You also need sufficient space to set up the compost pits. Think about how you package the material so that it maintains its integrity.  You will find that you have a lot of demand, and will, therefore, need to get sufficient support because it is not an easy line of work.  There is a lot of work that goes into getting the right compost.

You have to adhere to the guidelines for producing organic compost.  It has to be 100% organic, so ensure that wherever you collect the raw material, they are using purely natural products.

· Organic Beer

It may surprise you, but it is possible to make organic beer. Some people have already entered this segment and are already turning a profit. It is a relatively new niche meaning there is still a lot of business potential.  Do your research well so that the process of setting up your manufacturing plant becomes easy.

· Set Up a Market for Organic Food Farmers

Put your event management skills to good use by setting up an organic farmers market. You will need access to sufficient accessible space which you can rent out to the farmers for a fee.  You can also make the event more interesting by having small kitchens where people can test out various recipes.  Have contests, fun activities for the kids, and entertainment from the local artists, among other things.  The whole idea is to create a fun event that people can look forward to.  With a good response, you will find that you can do it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  After all, people need to eat, and families want fun things they can do over the weekends.

· Organic Juice and Fruit Bars

Organic juice bars are a fantastic idea because health-conscious people want healthy drink alternatives.  Specialize in purely natural smoothies and juices.  Sell the fact that taking your drinks will give the customer all the relevant nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, among others.  Couple this with fantastic fruit recipes for salads and you will have a sure win.

· Organic Gardening

Organic produce is not cheap, and you can help people find an alternative by showing them how to grow them on their own.  Offer your services to people who want kitchen gardens.  Incorporate a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, and herbs for variety.  Teach your customer sustainable ways of keeping the garden healthy by using organic waste from the kitchen to generate their compost manure.  You can teach them how to use non-soapy recycled water for their gardens.

· Food Truck Business

An organic food truck vending business is a fantastic idea because you are not tied to one physical location.  You, therefore, have the option of reaching your customers where they are most likely to be.  You can, for example, find a location near the park, or other high-traffic areas. Not everyone has the time to look for an organic restaurant or the money to spend on pricey meals.  People are also leading hectic lifestyles and may not have time to go to the market to shop for organic produce.

Offer cheaper alternatives with all the benefits, while meeting the customers at their point of need.  You have the option of selling food from a moving kitchen, or stock up on fresh produce.  Make sure you have the right supplier because once people get to know what you offer; the demand will be very high.

· Delivery Services

Delivery services are a great way to make money because you take the products right to the customer’s door.  You can offer your services to the local stores, farmers, or directly to the customers.  You will need to show them that you can bring value to them by saving them valuable time. You also need to make sure that wherever you are sourcing the supplies from our 100% organic.

Only work with suppliers who can deliver as per requirements.  Otherwise, you will have many disappointed customers because you are never able to meet the demand. You will, of course, need to invest in the right transportation.  You may also need someone to help you with the deliveries once you get many customers on board.


Talk to anyone in the organic food industry, and they will tell you that it is possible to be successful in the business.  With the right product, excellent suppliers, and discipline, you can become equally successful.  We have shared fantastic business ideas in our article above.  Use them as a guide and see what you can try your hand at.  Remember, you need the right foundation to set up a business, so do your market research, and develope a good business plan.  Good luck with your new business venture!


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